Hearing Aid Compatibility Notice & Requirements

You should know that not all cell phones work well with hearing aids. There are two sets of standards, created by The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) that are used to determine if a phone is compatible with hearing aids (HAC standards) “M” rated phones and “T” rated phones. There are 4 levels of each type of rating (M1 – 4 & T1 – 4). If a phone is rated at M or T 3-4 they qualify as being HAC. If a phone is rated with a M or T 1 – 2 the user is likely to have interference while using the phone.

The phones currently offered by Tempo Telecom are all labeled at levels M or T 3 or 4 and offer the same level of functionality to the user, having access to voice, data and text services.

More information about wireless hearing aid compatibility and service providers’ obligations can be found at https://www.fcc.gov/hearing-aid-compatibility-wireless-telephones and the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative web site at http://gari.info/.

Please find this list of all non-hearing aid-compatible handset models currently offered:

Handset Maker Handset Model Name FCC ID Air Interfaces/Frequency Bands Wi-Fi Interface Dates M Rating T Rating Functionality Level
BLU Vivo Air YHLBLUVIVOAIR 850/900/1800/1900 yes current M3 T4 Moderate-Cost
BLU Vivo Air LTE YHLBLUVVAIRLTE 850/900/1800/1900 yes current M3 T4 Moderate-Cost
BLU Advance L4 YHLBLUADVANCEL4 CDMA 850/900/1800/1900 Yes current M3 T4 Low Cost

Last updated August 29, 2019