Tempo Backs FCC Net Neutrality Decision

Open Internet Approach Preserves Equal Access for Consumers and Small Businesses

Atlanta, GA – February 27, 2015 – Tempo Telecom LLC, an industry leader in prepaid and Lifeline communications services since 1996, today announced that it supports the February 26, 2015, FCC decision to adopt strong, sustainable rules to protect the open internet. The historic vote culminated with the FCC passing Title II Net Neutrality Rules applying to both wired and wireless internet connections, officially classifying broadband Internet as a public utility.

“Tempo is proud to champion the FCC’s critical decision to protect the integrity of the Internet because it is the very foundation on which business and commerce is built. Guaranteeing that all users receive the same level of service from their Internet service providers (ISPs) allows businesses, indiscriminate of size, to compete fairly online,” said Vincent M. Oddo, President and CEO of Tempo. “This decision is simply the responsible thing to do and we’re proud to take a stand with the FCC.”

Since its inception, the Internet has revolutionized the ways in which small businesses, private sector investment, entrepreneurial activity, job creation, economic growth, civic participation and other national purposes operate. It has created a digital framework for individuals to experience, participate and share in the world around them. Without the benefits of universal service delivery, a rigid service hierarchy would exist and traffic prioritizations would produce many losers.

“I’m certain that without this decision, some major broadband providers would manipulate network speeds to feed their profit margin to the detriment of the public interest. It would be especially damaging to start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses who would be further undermined by an Internet fast-lane and pay-to-play model,” said Jamie Sark, Director of Operations at Tempo.

About Tempo Telecom LLC

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